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The ENABLER is a custom made 95-knob dedicated MIDI controller for the CC+ equipped Rhodes Chroma.  It is designed to provide a logical, intuitive improvement to the user interface of the original instrument.  Features include the following:

  1.   Inspired by the industrial design of the Chroma

  2.   All exposed woodwork is solid cherry

  3.   2x16 amber LCD display shows parameter name and value when a knob is adjusted

  4.   LED indicator lights to indicate the selected patch type

  5.   Powered by external 6-9v DC supply

The ENABLER requires the Chroma to have the CPU Plus (CC+) installed. 

The ENABLER provides an output of MIDI continuous controller data only.  It will not obtain any display or parameter data from the Chroma.  When a new patch is selected on the Chroma, the value of a particular parameter will jump to reflect the position of that particular knob when the knob is turned; just like in an OB-Xa or other classic polysynth.

The ENABLER is preset to MIDI channel 1.  It has a MIDI in and MIDI out/merge jack; MIDI data sent from another device, like a controller or sequencer is merged with the ENABLER data and appears here.

The ENABLER is available on a build-to-order basis for US $3,750 plus shipping.  Modifications to the case design and exotic wood species are available options.

Please contact me if you would like an ENABLER made for you!